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When you place an order via our website, we will ask you to enter a number of personal details. We will always process your details in a careful and secure manner so as to ensure compliance with the Netherlands Personal Data Protection Act. In this Privacy Statement we will explain which personal details we will collect and what we intend to use them for. This Privacy Statement was most recently amended on 23 May 2017.   

Data processing – method and purpose 
Everybody is free to make a purchase as a guest or to register with us. When you register, an account will be created for you. We will save the personal details you entered when making the purchase so as to enable the smooth processing of your order. Philips shares access to our database. We will ask you to enter, and will keep, the following personal details:
- title
- first name, surname
- address
- telephone (optional)
- email address   

Personal data protection 
One of the purposes of our strict security procedures is to prevent unauthorised access to your personal details and other private information. We have secure connections in place (Secure Sockets layer, SSL) to guarantee effective protection of all the information exchanged between you and our website.   

Email and newsletter 
All the details transmitted to us when you log in to our site or send us an email message is stored for as long as is necessary to provide a full response to your request or email. You will receive incidental purchase related e-mails if you have not opted out for this option on the confirmation page. Each e-mail contains a link that enables you to unsubscribe from the purchase related mails. You will receive periodical newsletters if you have registered for this service. Each newsletter contains a link that enables you to unsubscribe.   

Page viewing and visit details 
Various types of general visit details are logged on our website. In particular, this includes the IP address of your computer, your user name (if applicable), the time of your request and the data sent by your browser. These details are registered and used for statistical analyses of page viewing patterns and visit behaviour. We will try to anonymise those details where possible and will not make them available to third parties under any circumstances, with the exception of Philips.   

Use of cookies 
We use session cookies in the provision of electronic services. A cookie is a simple and small file that is sent along with pages from this website and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. This allows us to record your settings, registration details, overviews etc. in a convenient manner. You may refuse to enable cookies via your browser settings. Remember however that this may affect the functionality and user-friendliness of our website. In addition, our website is supported by Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer and by Facebook and Twitter buttons. These services make use of tracking cookies. We will try to anonymise your details in the application of these services. Note however that this is not possible for all services. We therefore advise you that social media providers may track your use of social media buttons.   

Third-party websites 
This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites linked to this website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will process your personal details in a reliable or secure manner. Please read the privacy statements posted on those websites before using them.   

Changes to the Privacy Statement 
We reserve the right to amend this statement. We therefore recommend that you read this statement from time to time so as to keep abreast of any changes to its content.  

Checking and changing your details 
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about your right to inspect, change or delete your personal details, please contact us at 00800 74454775 or send your question by post to the following address:

Ingram Micro Commerce EMEA B.V.
Energieweg 2
5145NW Waalwijk

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